Scuff Pads

Scuff Pads

Whilst wood chip surfacing solutions can be satisfactory at installation, repetitive playground use can cause problematic scuffing of fall zones. This hollowing out of woodchip or poured in place can not only cause playground usability problems but, effects fall height compliance in fall zones, the very areas where user protection is needed most.

Play Matta™ Scuff Pad Original System provides low maintenance surfacing for high use playground areas. Adopting the robust installation design used in full surfacing installations, the Play Matta™ Scuff Pad Original System will last for years to come.

Play Matta™ Scuff Pad Excel provides a low cost and low maintenance surfacing solution for high use playground areas. Excel tiles are supplied pre-welded together to ensure optimum durability and resistance from vandalism or theft. The system can be easily self-installed and will only require occasional attention to ensure the tiles remain above the existing woodchip.

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