Playbasea Poured-in-Place is an impact absorbing playground safety surface composed of a blended mix of recycled rubber granules, TPV and bonding polyurethane which, when cured, form a continuous and usually seamless playground surface. The Playbasea Poured-in-Place compound is mixed on-site and poured directly onto an existing suitable surface or specially prepared base. Playbases Poured-in-Place can usually be installed with existing play equipment and other hardware in place.

TPV colour is blended into poured in place solution to give great colour.

Colour, shapes, games, and themes can be incorporated into the Playbases Poured-in- Place surfacing to enhance the play value, although some colours are unstable when exposed to UV light over time. The finished thickness of Playbases Poured-in-Place can be varied within the play area to accommodate the potential fall heights of different items of play equipment – professional application is important to achieve correct performance. The Playbases team can design a playground to suit individual requirements.

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