Play Matta™ Kidz

Play Matta™ Kidz

Play Matta™ Kidz™ Systems are easily altered to change the safety surface shape or colour pattern to provide play environment variety.

The low profile of the Play Matta™ Kidz™ tile plus compatible safety ramp edging – available in black or high-visibility yellow – makes it easy to enter and exit the tile area. Play Matta™ Kidz™ tiles are available in three surfacing options, including both open and closed surface options suitable for wet and dry playing conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Compliant indoor safety flooring 
  • Environmentally responsible choice 
  • Durable &safe recycled materials 
  • Open & closed surfaces, wet or dry conditions
  • Permanent or portable modular system 
  • Hygienic & easy to clean. 
  • Anti-microbial ISO certified quality assurance 
  • Matta 3-Year Product Warranty


  • Play Matta™ Kidz™ Smooth Top
    Perfect for safety flooring in environments such as childcare facilities, where hygiene is a priority and children’s hands may be in direct contact with the floor.
  • Play Matta™ Kidz™ Diamond Shield
    Tread option for areas where maximum traction may be required.
  • Play Matta™ Kidz™ Open
    Free-draining and anti-slip, open tiles are ideal for wet areas such as around pools and in changing facilities, and can be used together with the Smooth Top and Diamond Shield tiles

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